The Style of a Short Story

The Priest and the Rabbi

Tone, Mood, & Style–The Feel of Fiction

April 19, 2013
Fiction Editor Beth Hall
Last modified April 20, 2013

“Each piece of fiction, each section of text, has a particular feel. The feel of a story or scene is primarily achieved through three elements–tone, mood, & style.”

“Tone in fiction is the attitude of the narrator or viewpoint character toward story events and other characters…”

“Mood is what the reader feels while reading a scene or story. It is not the reader’s emotions, but the atmosphere (the vibe) of a scene or story…”

“Style is the way the writer uses words to create not only the events of story, but their feel as well…”

In my story this week, The Priest and the Rabbi, I attempt to capture the elements of the feel of fiction or a short story. Can you find and define the use of “tone, mood, and style” in this story

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