Brush With Mental Illness – 2

Most adults forget about their childhood, especially if it was painful, and they have outgrown it and moved on. But memories linger, and the pain of a broken heart in a childhood romance may cause a person to fall into an irreversible mental illness. Of course, I’m not speaking of physical injury, but you know that, if you are reading this or have ventured into the short story, The First Crisis of Eliza Elizondo. Following is an experience of the character of Eliza. It is brief, but meaningful. Would you agree?

Eliza Elizondo – 2
He rocked the canoe and grinned, as I gripped the sides and prayed that I would not fall in the water. He knew I didn’t know how to swim. He enjoyed my fright—I could tell he could see it in my face. Then, he blew a kiss at me. He was so handsome. I could feel the connection. Or so I thought. His black eyes with the long lashes narrowed into blades of fire, and his brown smooth skin shimmered in the fading sunlight. I thought he was going to dump me in the water. Instead, he branded my heart and mind with a “scarlet letter.”
“You’re the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!” Then, he burst into a burlesque laugh that echoes in my mind even now.
I looked away, wanting to burst into tears, but I did not give him the pleasure. I swallowed hard and the lump in my throat descended into the pit of my stomach where it dwells even now, years later.
“Eliza, can you open your eyes. The treatment is over. Why are you crying? Did I hurt you?”
“Where am I?”
“You are in the hospital. You just had a shock treatment. Are you feeling pain? Why are you shedding tears?
“No doctor. I don’t feel pain…”

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