The Writer’s Deadliest Sin

I have a frame with 5 daily goals posted above my desk that I can see every day:

The 5 Things I Must Do Every Day
Do the right thing
Do not wait till tomorrow to do what can be done today.

If you want to write, procrastination is a deadly sin. It is a cancer that spreads and suffocates the life of a writer. If you do not find writing challenging and a joy, then don’t write! It’s as simple as that.

How do you overcome procrastination? Picture or imagine yourself as a guest in a popular TV talk show talking about your latest work of art. Yes, writing is an art, and although many times it is a gift, it is also a skill that can be taught and learned. How many writers are there in the world? There are many, and all of them have something to write. They find the time to do so.

Be smart. Be courageous. Be a writer!

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