The Yearning To Write

The serious writer learns to write from reading the works of other writers…the Classics…Dickens, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, among the many. All of them had a yearning—a dream, a yearning to reach out to the reader and connect. This connection brought them success. But were they seeking success, or was it just a dream to fulfill the fantasies we all have?

I have a yearning to connect to the reader in a way that pleases both of us. My need is to tell a story that dwells in the recesses of my mind. Sometimes the story is spontaneous, sometimes I must struggle to create, but always, I must keep my readers before me.

If I think only of my need to write and forget my reader, I fail in my quest to connect. It is a selfish act, invaluable and a complete failure. My previous post is an example. I was dry for ideas, so I made a sloppy effort to fill in the empty slot…the dry moment I was going through. I rushed through it, and was inconsiderate of my readers. I posted only to fill my personal need.

I hope to avoid these spur of the moment posts. I will do my best to be faithful to my readers.

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