The Song of My Heart

635807928100908193370238482_mental-health-disorders.jpg (300×399)

A Poem By A Person With Schizophrenia


My mind is depleted.
My song is repeated.
The song is of love.
Love for family…love for God.
You are the universe…
My mind and soul reversed
Can you see that I love you?
Can you hear that I sing?
There is a bell I ring,
A bell I ring for the universe.
The song of love is for You.
My love is for you, oh, God!
Why is that odd?
It seems to me futile to care.
Everyone around me is bare.
Bare to the bone
Hearts of stone
I do not understand.
I believe only in you.
They say I am a fool.
But I still believe in you.
Great and merciful is Jesus!
His cross I bare.
I am grateful to Jesus.
For God and my family I will dare.

I would like to share this poem with you in line with what I have presented in some of my blogs, which refer to mental illness.

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