More Micro Fiction

The Dream

She knew me. She knew what I thought and felt. She came to me with words of wisdom and advice for my eternal life. I believe she believed in God, but at that moment I was afraid of her.

“I love you, Amanda, and I will always be with you forever.”

My soul, I thought. She’s forced me to lose my soul! God help me!

I ran away to the north. I sought peace of mind—a place she could not find me, but she followed me and was with me for 56 years. We grew old together. I feared her, but I loved her more.

She died at 87. I did not shed tears, only sighed with relief. Now, I thought, I am free! Her memory will fade. She must have laughed at me, for one night after she died she came to me in a dream. The only thing I remember about it is that she turned into a beast, attacked me, latching onto my neck and trying to bite my jugular!

How can I forget her, the fiend?

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