Mental Health

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Welcome to each of you who has ventured into the world of Mental Health. You may be surprised that previously and continuously I am foremost an author of fiction. You might enjoy some of my stories and some information on how to prepare a short story.
However, now I will present this Newsletter on Mental Health, where I will inform, educate, and encourage people of all ages who have mental illness. The purpose is to bring a voice from within, but not an auditory hallucination, more of a support to those who are depressed, anxious, frightened, or perhaps even believing it is all over for them.
What are my credentials? I am not a licensed counselor, nor do I have a doctorate in psychology. I have experienced mental illness first-hand for the past 40 years! I have worked with mentally disabled and mentally ill persons for the last 12 years. I am not able to give you solutions, but perhaps I can share love and hope. May I be your teacher in your experience with mental illness?
Please remember that I am only qualified to share information or perhaps, resources for you.
The Voice of Caring,
Frances A. Garcia

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