Some statistics indicate that 1 in every 4 persons has mental illness. Some others state that 1 in every 5 persons. I don’t believe it matters. The message is that mental illness exists, and in order to overcome this disease we must reduce STRESS. Is it possible that persons who suffer mental disorders can actually live with reduced stress in a nation that endorses multi-tasking and success.

Is it possible to live in a disordered society? We adulate football heroes who are playing a contact sport–a form of violent contact. We are bombarded with action-packed movies and TV shows that glorify killing. On a daily basis, we watch and play games that allow forms of destruction. Young people use these social heroes as their role models.

Here in the United States we live and dream, from a very early age, of becoming “somebody who is rich and powerful.” But do we really understand the monumental responsibility that comes with fame and fortune?

Because of the technological advances that we have acquired, it is possible to succeed, if one places stress on success. Notice, however, that I have used “stress” as the first word on the phrase. Stress is an essential characteristic that comes with winning, and multi-tasking is close behind.

Please remember that the brain is an organ of our bodies, just like the liver or heart. We don’t shake our heads when we have an ailment of the liver, or heart disease. But why is the brain different? It can malfunction. If you look at the image that comes with this post, the brain is loaded with some or all of these functions in our lives.We all experience some or all of these at sometime in our life. How do we control or heal such a powerful and essential organ? If we reduce stress, many of the mental illnesses depicted could be eliminated. Think about it. If you are suffering from mental illness, how would you feel if your stress-filled life became stress-free?

According to our present social standards, “nothing is impossible,” is it?



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