Addiction…Mental Illness?

When I wake up in the morning, I bless myself and thank God for another day. Then, I pour some coffee and drink it to wake up. I also take a medication that helps me awaken in order to counteract the drowsy side-effect of all my medications and so that I may be able to drive.

After breakfast, I take pills for blood pressure, thyroid, and so on. Throughout my day I experience joint pain or headache, so I take an aspirin or acetaminophen, or both. The combination sometimes makes me drowsy. So, I pour some more coffee, which is not good for anxiety. Experiencing an onset of the jitters, I take medication to counteract that feeling. And so goes my day as I juggle the drugs around my activity.

Is it possible that we have become dependent on pills to function? We cannot bear discomfort of any sort. It is so easy to consume a drug.

I look up at my bedroom wall, where a Crucifix hangs to remind me of who I am. He’s there, on the Cross…bleeding, crying, experiencing the most dreadful humiliation that any God could experience because he loves me!

How dare I relieve my minor aches and pains and suffering, when He was born to hang on that Cross for me…and for you!

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