Why I am still Catholic

From the moment I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church, I believed in God. How? You may ask. I felt something alive in me and others, especially my father and mother. My sister, three years older than I, felt the same. First I learned to love. second to serve, finally, I learned […]

Social Phobia

Social phobia is a severe impairment that paralyzes a person, or child. The anxiety that creates FEAR in the mind stops life–a functional life! In the image above you see FEAR is a detour. TRUST is the straight path. But how difficult it is for a person with anxiety or social phobia to follow the […]

Meditation For Mental Health

Yes! Meditation is vital to our mental health! Regardless of what higher power you believe in. It is as essential to our well-being as the right diet and exercise. Visualize: Use your mind to see a peaceful image–a stream flowing through a wooded area. Pray: Read or think about God–about what our life would be […]