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The mental health community, both healers and people dealing with anger, speculates about how to control, how to resolve, how to “manage” anger. But it is evident that anger is a part of our existence…an issue we must cope with every day.

Therapy, or communicating to someone, anyone, the reason for your anger is crucial to defusing the anger. You’ve got to talk about it! Let it out! Then, let healing begin.

This may not be obvious or easy for the mentally ill. They wake up angry, and go to bed angry, and every day they live with pent-up anger. Certainly, this is not healthy for anyone, but especially not for the mentally ill. Sometimes, they may never communicate, and they end up in the river.

Whose fault is it, if this occurs?

“Oh, poor Jane Doe.” Then, we forget and go about our business. Does anyone out there care?


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