The Stigma


Mental illness is considered a substandard element produced by brain defect. People who suffer are considered for and treated by medication. This may control the defect to some extent, but mental illness often leads to an impaired substandard life. A certain percent of people, both young and old, may commit suicide, which results from the personal feeling by the individual that he or she is beneath the dignity and intellectual level of the human race.

People with mental impairment are considered a substandard component of society. Some people experience mental challenge defined by the IQ. Right away, the “normal people” are convinced that these persons are flawed, weak, beneath their level of intelligence. So, they are hoarded into hospitals, group homes, or other suitable programs that bring them to their substandard capability.

What can we do to change this view?

Can we convince these people with mental illness that they can and will function normally if they take their medication?

Can we raise their level and focus on them as people who are different and not substandard?

Can we pray with them and for them?

All of the above.

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