The Brain

The brain is the most complex organ of our human bodies. Like our other organs, it can malfunction. So, psychiatrists and psychologists deal with the mental disorders of their clients. Is it a wonder that people experience schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and numerous other diseases? It is. Such a complex and unique system as our brain often breaks down. Livers and kidneys become diseased or cancerous. So do bones and intestines.

Why is it easier to accept the diagnosis of people with a brain tumor and extend compassion to them, but to shun individuals with depression? Persons who are depressed are critized as feeling sorry for themselves. “They are lazy,” we claim. Even clients who deal with these mental breakdowns believe the voices that clog their brains with feelings of unworthiness, and they fear the “normal” people. They begin to believe that they are not ill, but they are unsuitable to coexist in our present society.

My message to the healthy people: “Judge not and you shall not be judged.” To the mentally ill I say: “Assume not; judge not; and be practical when you can.”

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