About Me

My name is Frances A. Garcia. I was born in Laredo, Texas, USA on May 21, 1948. However, I have lived in San Antonio, Texas for forty-one years. My first profession was as a Radiology Technologist, which I worked in for twenty-six years. Then, I semi-retired and became a crossing guard for elementary school children. My restless spirit sought more from life, so, while I was working as a crossing guard, I attended Our Lady of the Lake University. At age fifty-six I graduated with honors with a BA in Psychology.

I longed to work in mental health. My personal experience with it prompted me to seek a profession which would lead me to a fulfilling life. After graduation, I monitored homeless veterans, many who were mentally ill. During the same period, I also became a case manager for mentally challenged people. Both positions rewarded me with emotional satisfaction.

For several years I devoted my life to the veterans and the mentally challenged. Then, circumstances also led me to serve women and men who were transitioning from prison back into the community. They too suffered mental illness.

I served these communities for twelve years, but the emotional and physical toll that my mind and body experienced led to my second retirement.

For as long as I can remember I have also loved to write. This was my hobby, my past-time. Now I have added it to the list of my professions. I have created this site with the help of wordpress.com to share my experiences and my life with you, the reader.

May you enjoy and learn as I have!

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