Faith Blocks Paranoia

A professional counselor once asked me, “How have you survived 41 years with mental illness?” My response is two-fold. I have faith and the support of my wonderful family. As a Catholic, my faith has led me to persevere in my struggling mental anguish. My family makes certain that I do not forget to give […]

The Stigma

Substandard Mental illness is considered a substandard element produced by brain defect. People who suffer are considered for and treated by medication. This may control the defect to some extent, but mental illness often leads to an impaired substandard life. A certain percent of people, both young and old, may commit suicide, which results from […]


The mental health community, both healers and people dealing with anger, speculates about how to control, how to resolve, how to “manage” anger. But it is evident that anger is a part of our existence…an issue we must cope with every day. Therapy, or communicating to someone, anyone, the reason for your anger is crucial […]

Why I am still Catholic

From the moment I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church, I believed in God. How? You may ask. I felt something alive in me and others, especially my father and mother. My sister, three years older than I, felt the same. First I learned to love. second to serve, finally, I learned […]

Social Phobia

Social phobia is a severe impairment that paralyzes a person, or child. The anxiety that creates FEAR in the mind stops life–a functional life! In the image above you see FEAR is a detour. TRUST is the straight path. But how difficult it is for a person with anxiety or social phobia to follow the […]

Meditation For Mental Health

Yes! Meditation is vital to our mental health! Regardless of what higher power you believe in. It is as essential to our well-being as the right diet and exercise. Visualize: Use your mind to see a peaceful image–a stream flowing through a wooded area. Pray: Read or think about God–about what our life would be […]

Addiction…Mental Illness?

When I wake up in the morning, I bless myself and thank God for another day. Then, I pour some coffee and drink it to wake up. I also take a medication that helps me awaken in order to counteract the drowsy side-effect of all my medications and so that I may be able to […]